It seems most posts on bullying focus on the gay community rather than the disabled community. The truth is people with disabilities are bullied too. Anyone who has never been bullied is lucky. Sorry if the word gay offends some people. Unfortunately, many kids who were bullied and made fun of have killed themselves. The tormentors of these kids have blood on there hands. The truth is words hurt. Bullying is when you make fun of someone and spread hate and lies about that person. Most of the kids who made fun of me and bullied me were mentally retarded or learning disabled. Here are a few tips for kids on dealing with bullies. If someone makes fun of you walk away and tell an adult you can trust. If you can’t walk away, turn your back towards them and don’t look at them. Make the bullies think you’re deaf. If you’re bullied on line close your social network account if you can’t block the person. You open a new account if you wish with a different user name. Block the person if you can. Most kids use an instant messaging service. If someone is making fun of you click ignore conversation. If you can, block them and report them. If you have a blog, you may have to delete it and start over with a new username or account. Unfortunately, there will always be mean people.

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