What being disabled means to me

Being disabled to me means someone who has a physical or mental condition that causes them some kind of disability. A disability often affects how people do things or how they learn. For instance, people who have hidden disabilities such as learning disabilities may have trouble learning. These people may have a different ways of learning but they can often overcome their so called disabilities. Many stars such as Whoopie Goldberg and Tom Cruise have overcome Dyslexia and gone on to be rich and famous movie stars. I don’t consider learning disabilities are real disabilities because they don’t really disabled the person affected. They can be overcome with hard work and special training. Therefore, people who are considered learning disabled are different, not disabled. People with mental retardation learn much slower than their non retarded peers. They may or may not be considered disabled unless they have cognative impairment or they are severely to profoundly retarded. Just because someone is retarded doesn’t mean they’re disabled unless they’re limited to what they can do. Sorry if the word retarded offends you. On the other hand mental retardation can be more of a hidden disability than Autism. Blindness and deafness can be consider disabilities as well.

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