I was bullied and made fun of throughout my childhood and into my early adulthood because of my disability. Some of the kids who bullied and made fun of me were older than me but most of the kids were younger than me. I thought I was over being bullied and made fun of. Last spring, some bitch started following my old blog about Julian Lennon using a fake twitter account. She then began to cyber stalk me. She posted negative and hateful comments on my livejournal and wordpress blogs as well as my pages on fanpop. I lost some friends on facebook because of what she posted. She tried to destroy me personally and called me a coward and a Nazi troll among other things. I’m not going to mention any names because this person knows who she is. I deleted my original blog for Julian Lennon as well as my livejournal and fanpop accounts because of her mean, nasty, negative and disrespectful comments. I am not a coward. I am not a Nazi troll. I am not thin skinned. I am not the type of person this woman is claiming I am. I don’t know why she targeted me because I never said anything to hurt or offend her. She’s a coward. Anyone who hides behind his or her computer and attacks people they don’t know for no reason at all is nothing but a coward. I bet she wouldn’t have been so mean and nasty to me to my face. This bitch is 50 years old. She should know better. If she doesn’t like my blogs, she doesn’t have to read them.I blocked her on facebook too.

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One thought on “BULLYING

  1. Hi,

    I’m being cyber bullied for revealing my ethnicity on WordPress. I say that these people hiding behind their computers are akin to the Klan hiding behind their white hoods. I can’t block people on here and they are writing posts about me. I’ll presume you’re not a Nazi sympathizer (not sure what occurred) because I am Jewish and I am proud or that and now paying the price for alluding to it in a post I wrote. I’m also very sick (and visually impaired) from a genetic connective tissue disease, which WAS what my blog was about and I’ve dealt with stupid bullies my whole life–long before I became sick. They’re the worst, but as I got older (and was able-bodied back then) I learned to physically fight back. Wish I could do that now!

    I am very disenfranchised by what has happened and lost most of my blogging friends so think I will just stop blogging–I have 1 draft saved from before this nightmare and that will probably be my last post. I’m too sick to keep up the fight at this point.

    Good luck and I hope your life gets back to normal–not that it’s ever really normal, right? Btw, my brother’s father-in-law has Cerebral Palsy and was a university professor. He’s one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known. I think his CP made him the person he is. I’m going to like this post for preserving, not for what happened to you…

    Take care,

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