Glad I’m Not a Kid

I’m glad I’m not a kid. I’m 42 years old but I look much younger because I’m so petite. Thirty years ago, there was no Internet, cell phones, dvd’s, ipods and other modern day conveniences.  Homosexuals were not pushing there agenda on those of us who strongly oppose it. So many people on word press have come out in support of gay marriage and the gay agenda. Sorry, I consider homosexuality a sin. I strongly disagree with the Supreme Court gays should be allowed to not only get the same benefits straight couples get but to marry too.  I have no problem with interracial marriage. Being a queer is not normal. Being transgender is not normal. It’s so sad kids today are being taught being trans and queer are normal and healthy. I don’t consider obesity a disability. I’m not a bigot. I’m not a homophobe.

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