The Faceless Reflections of Bullying



Weirdo! Freak! Emo! Strange! Oddball! Geek! Misfit! Often considered to be hurtful insults hurled by a bully, are actually code for “Unique”.


Victim’s of bullying need to understand right here, right now that….


BEING UNIQUE IS CHIC! Phat! Tight! Neat! Fresh! Cool! Awesome! Being unique is a good thing, not a bad thing, as some may have lead you to believe.


If you have seen Tim Burton’s film, Frankenweenie, then you know that is Weird Girl and Mr. Whisker’s in the picture shown. If you have not seen Frankeweenie, do – it’s a great flick.


Frankenweenie’s Wiki site describes Weird Girl as someone who does not fit in well with other kids. She delivers ominous pronouncements in a monotone voice. Her cat, Mr. Whiskers, is a constant companion. Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers both have an unnerving, unblinking stare. Weird Girl…

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