Today’s Queer Culture

When I was a kid, it wasn’t “normal” to be queer. Girls were girls and boys were boys. Queer nation did not try to force there agenda down our throats. Television shows, magazines and movies did not glorify homosexuality and transgenders like they do today.

Kids today are growing up in a queer nation where leftist Hollywood and the media are glorifying gays and transgenders. I see too many little boys who have very long hair like a girl but they appear to wear boys clothes. These kids are too young to make the choice to become the opposite sex.

To parents dealing with transgender children, I really feel sorry for you and your child. I don’t understand why any child would want to be the opposite sex from which he or she was born. Maybe it’s the parent’s desire for a girl when they have a boy or a boy when they have a girl rather than the child thinking he or she was born with the “wrong” body. Maybe they live in a country where having a son or daughter is frowned upon by their government or girls are sold as sex slaves or some other reason.

Sorry, if a child has a penis, he’s a boy. If a child has a vagina, she’s a girl. I guess you have to be a transgender to understand why a boy would identify as a girl and vice versa. Sadly, transgender people have been murdered. Brandon Teena who’s real name was Teena Brandon was murdered after someone found out he was really a she. She was the subject of a movie several years ago called “Boys Don’t Cry”. Hillary Swank played Teena Brandon aka Brandon Teena. I think it’s the queer culture that is contributing to generation queer.

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