Political Correctness of the 21st Century

Here are some words and terms we can apparently no longer say because they may offend someone.

1. disabled/handicapped

2. retarded/retard

3. gay/fag/faggot/lesbian/queer/drag queen/drag king

4. illegal immigrant/illegal alien

5. Redskins/Braves/Indians/Cowboys/Chiefs and any other names of sports teams that may be named after any group of people

6. nerd/geek/preppy/hippie

These are only a few words and terms that may offend a handful of people. Maybe the reason disabled or handicapped may be offense to someone with a disability is because they may not think of themselves as disabled. Maybe they’re able to work or maybe they have a hidden disability. I still use these words but I would never call someone a fag or faggot just like I would never call someone who was slow in learning new things retarded or retard to their face. I think political correctness has gone too far. What happened to the right to offend other people? If you don’t like what people write or say about you, you can block them and move on with your life. I think too many people dwell on what people write or say about them.

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