Trials and Tribulations Being Disabled, Low Skilled and White

I posted earlier about able bodied people not being able to understand why I don’t work. I’m the only disabled person in my family. Many of my friends and family think I can work but they think I’m too lazy to work. They think I don’t work because I would much rather sleep until noon and spend all day and half the night on my computer than get up early in the morning and go to work. What they don’t know is I spent and wasted several years from 1992 to 2000 trying to get a job. I wrote about this in a previous blog post last year.

I’m already disadvantaged because I’m disabled. Based on my experience, when someone who is able bodied sees someone with a physical disability, they automatically assume that person is Mentally Retarded. They obviously have no idea what Mental Retardation is. Sorry if this offends anyone. This is my blog and I will use the word Retarded if I want. Not many employers are willing to make accommodations for disabled employees such as providing stools for disabled cashiers who can not stand all day, accessible bathrooms, elevators, ramps, accessible water fountains as some older buildings my not be accessible to the disabled.

I’m low skilled and white which puts me at a greater disadvantage. Why would someone want to hire a disabled low skilled white person who they would have to pay a full salary and full benefits to and who would cost them more money in the long run when they can save money by hiring unskilled and low skilled immigrants many who are in this country illegally and pay them sub standard or below standard wages and not give them any benefits such as health insurance so they can abuse and take advantage of the welfare system? Sorry, I’m not trying to sound racist.

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