Having a very visible disability, I have been made fun of all of my life. It’s one thing when little kids make fun because they don’t know any better. All they know is what they see older kids and their parents do. This is mainly about weird habits I had in the past and the ones I have now. When I was a kid, I made friends with many adults because they seemed to understand my disability and they were not as likely to make fun of me or any of my weird habits. I used to think maturity comes with age and the older you are the more mature you become but it seems like now people who I consider old somehow think it’s okay to make fun of me simply because I have some quirky bad habits. I know what you’re going to say. You think if I didn’t have these habits, people wouldn’t make fun of me. I didn’t have any bad habits for a long time but some people made fun of me if I just looked at them funny. Anything and everything I do people are compelled to make fun of just because they think it’s funny.

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