Chronic Severe Urinary Retention

I have been dealing with the inability to empty my bladder for many years and I really don’t know the real reason this is happening to me. I first had trouble at school when I was a teenager and for years I haven’t been able to use public bathrooms. My mom calls it shy bladder because I only had trouble using public bathrooms. I was able to pee in my own bathroom and when I went to my brother’s house.

I had a very severe case of swine flu in March of 1999 and I couldn’t keep anything down. I believe this is what actually worsened my problem. A few months later on July 1, 1999, my bladder problems got drastically worse. Not only could I not urinate, I couldn’t empty my bladder and I had to be catheterized several times because I couldn’t pee at all. I finally had my urethra stretched in April of 2001 which helped until I had my annual pap smear in March 2002. Then my symptoms returned so now I stopped having them because I thought that was what brought all my symptoms back in the first place. Twelve years ago, I had my urethra stretched a second time because I thought it would help since it helped the first time. However, it only made matters worse for me. I could not pee at all and I often had to go to the Emergency Room and get catheterized. I ended up having to wear a catheter in my bladder which would give me an infection every time.

I was told I have neurogenic bladder due to my Cerebral Palsy. However, I have never been able to find any actual proof. There is nothing that says C. P. causes this problem to occur and I have asked other people who have C. P. if they have trouble peeing. They said they can pee but they can not hold it in where as my problem is that I have the urge to pee but I can not urinate and empty my bladder.

I believe I have undiagnosed Interstitial Cystitis because when I have this problem and they check my urine, no infection is found. I believe they I developed this disease a few months after having a severe case of swine flu in March of 1999. I developed I. C. on July 1, 1999 and I had trouble peeing off and on for 16 years. As of today, all my symptoms have returned. I can not catheterize myself but I wish I could. I was in remission for 11 years which is the longest I’ve been in remission. I have tried everything to get myself to be able to pee but nothing helps. The shortest time I’ve been in remission is 10 months. I have no burning, pain or ulcers in my bladder. I just can not pee when I sit down to try to go. I don’t know why this is happening to me again. I do not believe I have neurogenic bladder.

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